MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is a free-to-play (with optional in-app purchases) mobile RPG of unprecedented quality developed by Business Division 1.

The game begun development in late 2013 with the concept of a mobile game on a similar level to a console game. Some assets were outsourced but the majority of development was handled by Business Division 1. The game uses the Unity 5 engine.

The Japanese version was released on June 4, 2015 for iOS & Android devices. The global version was later released for the rest of the world on August 3, 2016. It was released on Windows PC via Steam in Japan on November 1, 2016. The PC version was released globally on February 6, 2017 via Steam.

The game is available in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French & German.

The game has some very useful options including adjusting the frame rate, graphical quality and changing between English & Japanese audio. You can re-watch all of the main story cutscenes in the menu. The Windows PC version supports resolutions up to 4K along with 60fps. It also features full controller and keyboard support. You can also transfer save files between the mobile and PC versions.

Square Enix has released two soundtracks and an artbook for the game in Japan.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY was among the Apple App Store’s top games in 2015 for Japan. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY was later awarded for being the most beautiful game on the Google Play Store in 19 countries for 2016. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY surpassed over 10 million downloads in January 2017.


Director: Motomu Toriyama

Project Leader: Naoki Hamaguchi

Character Designer: Toshiyuki Itahana

Composer: Mitsuto Suzuki

Lead Scenario Writer: Daisuke Watanabe

Scenario Supervisor: Kazushige Nojima

Lead Level Designer: Takeshi Iwabuchi

Level Planner: Yui Sawada

Level Planner: Hajime Umemura

Battle Designer:

Battle Designer:

Battle Designer

Battle Planner: Takashi Shiraga

Battle Programmer:

Field Programmer:

Materia Programmer:

Renderer Programmer:

UI Programmer:

UI Programmer:

UI Programmer:

Art Director: Toshitaka Matsuda

Art Designer:

Graphics & VFX Director: Shintaro Takai

VFX Artist:

Character Model Director: 

Character Artist:

Character Artist:

Cutscene Artist:


Environment Director: Takako Miyake

Environment Artist:

UI Designer: Yoichi Seki

UI Designer: Yukie Ryo

Marketing Director: Yuma Watanabe

Sound Designer:

Dialogue Editor: 

Producer: Yoshinori Kitase


Application Programmer: Chica Matsueda

Application Programmer: Dining Yang

Project Manager: Asuna

You can download the game from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play Store for Android devices and Steam for Windows PC with the links below.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store


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