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MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Dev Team Message for 1 Year Anniversary

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY’s global version, members of the development team including producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama along with project leader Naoki Hamaguchi, composer Mitsuto Suzuki and battle design director Takashi Shiraga shared messages via a video.   Advertisements

I won digital MOBIUS autographs from Shintaro Takai & Toshiyuki Itahana

Excited to announce I won digital MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY autographs from Shintaro Takai & Toshiyuki Itahana through the competition they ran on the MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY English Facebook page.

Yuji Abe gets his wish, is directing his very own game

Yuji Abe revealed in 2013 he wants to make his own game one day and now he’s finally gotten his wish. Yuji Abe is directing a new mobile game called FLAME x BLAZE. It is a MOBA that will begin in Winter 2016 with the English version to follow. In addition to Abe directing, Hironori Okayama is […]

Daisuke Watanabe & Shintaro Takai are in Business Division 1

Square Enix has kindly confirmed to me both Daisuke Watanabe & Shintaro Takai are in Business Division 1. They are all still working there within Business Division 1. This is exciting news as Watanabe was the Lead Scenario Writer on the FINAL FANTASY XIII series and also worked as a Scenario Writer on both FINAL FANTASY […]

How Yuji Abe became Game Design Director for LIGHTNING RETURNS

In the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Ultimania, Yuji Abe and Motomu Toriyama explained how Abe was placed in-charge of Game Design for the game after working on the battle system for XIII and XIII-2. Thanks go to a little microchu’s meadow for the translation. Q5 – Please tell us how Abe-san, who had been […]

Kitase basically confirms XIII team is making VII REMAKE

Yoshinori Kitase, the Head of Business Division 1 and Producer of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has basically confirmed the FINAL FANTASY XIII team is making FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Kitase was asked by Game Informer what made now the right time for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Kitase was honest and in the process basically confirmed […]