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All the FINAL FANTASY games I’ve completed

Here’s all the FINAL FANTASY games along with what versions I’ve completed. I have also listed any I currently have in progress. FINAL FANTASY (Android) FINAL FANTASY II (Android) FINAL FANTASY III (Android) FINAL FANTASY IV (Android) FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS (Android) FINAL FANTASY V (Android) – in progress CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY […]

My interview with VGO CEO/Producer, Shota Nakama

In August 2015, I was given the honour of interviewing the CEO/Producer of VGO – Video Game Orchestra, Shota Nakama. VGO is a combined orchestra and rock band that performs contemporary arrangements of video game music. They’re located in Boston, United States where they have in recent years recorded the soundtracks for BD1’s LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL […]