LIGHTNING RETURNS met sales expectations- Shinji Hashimoto

At Lucca Comics & Games 2016, Shinji Hashimoto the FINAL FANTASY series Brand Manager had a few big things to say. Thanks go to GamerClick & for the tips and translations.

Q. “I want to ask why they felt the necessity of making the third chapter of Fabula Nova Crystallis and hence close with Lightning Returns. Why did they felt the necessity of making Lightning Returns?”
A. What do you mean?
Q. Because it hasn’t been such a success in terms of sales.
A. Oh I see. We have reached our predicted objective. So we are satisfied with the achieved objectives. Especially the characters have had a good response.

Here’s a translation of what Hashimoto said from Siliconera.

After having released three titles for the Final Fantasy XIII series, Square Enix feels that its results were sufficient. If expectations for it were higher, they would have gone with different approaches to sell the game. He says that Lightning, especially, is still very popular, as we’ve seen with the Louis Vuitton collaboration and such, and Square Enix must think about how they’ll continue fostering her as a character.



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