How Yuji Abe became Game Design Director for LIGHTNING RETURNS

In the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Ultimania, Yuji Abe and Motomu Toriyama explained how Abe was placed in-charge of Game Design for the game after working on the battle system for XIII and XIII-2. Thanks go to a little microchu’s meadow for the translation.

Q5 – Please tell us how Abe-san, who had been in charge of battle planning, came to be the director of game design for this installment.
A5 Abe: I was the first one to bring a proposal to the consultation meeting held right after development had begun. It was brief, condensed version of what was to become the model for the game, which I created based on the concept I heard from Toriyama. I was put in charge of game design since the game developed around it.
Toriyama: Of course we didn’t put him in charge just because he happened to be the first to submit a proposal (laughs). Even before the consultation, I had asked him, “would you use your experience of constructing the battle system in the previous installments to design something that unifies the game as a whole?”


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