Toriyama & Kitase talk X-3, making sequels & Creature Create

In an interview with Famitsu for FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, Yoshinori Kitase & Motomu Toriyama talked about the possibility of FINAL FANTASY X-3 (This is from E3 2013, BEFORE Nojima’s novella & audio drama were released), making sequels and Creature Create. You can read it below thanks to Twitter user @bk2128.

Famitsu: You first had the “experience and hardships in creating a sequel” with X-2. When you made Lightning Returns FFXIII, did you make any use of those [experiences?]

Kitase: The sense of balance, in which we’re balancing between parts we don’t change for efficiency’s sake and parts we do change for newness’ sake, would be utilized for future sequels and derivative titles.

Toriyama: In order for X-2 to not stop at the concept of “[just a] sequel”, we created it with a concept where we were revamping from FFX, from its gameplay system to the world setting. However it adversely caused a feedback from all of our users that they became puzzled because it was changed too much. For the FFXIII series, we’re keeping the stateliness of the world setting while revamping the gameplay system, so we’re creating it with a standing position of a new sequel.

Famitsu: By the way… at that time, weren’t there any idea for a X-3? Or the possibility of a FFX-3 coming in conjunction to this HD remaster?

Kitase: Right now we do not have any concrete plans at all (laughs). However, we had an experience on deciding to create X-2 because there were strong demands from our customers, so if the demands are also strong this time, it could be realized… perhaps?

Famitsu: If you were to make a X-3, what kind of game would you make it into?

Kitase: Yuna as a gunner, and considering the nature of the current era… an active FPS!? (laughs)

Toriyama: I’m thinking of a Lightning VS Yuna! Who wins between them is a secret! (laughs)


Toriyama: For the International version of X-2, we added a new feature into the main story, which is a Creature Create system where you can befriend monsters and have them fight [on your side]. This not only make many monsters appear on battles, but each of them also have their own unique episodes with texts and events which can be enjoyed.
This system further increases the volume of battles in X-2’s main story, and since there were much quantity, [the development] was hectic indeed. However, with the HD remaster this time, it can be played by even more people, so there is a worth in the struggles, and I’m glad for that.


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