Kitase & Toriyama’s FINAL FANTASY series 25th anniversary messages via Famitsu translated

For the 25th anniversary of the FINAL FANTASY series, Famitsu got messages from many FINAL FANTASY developers including Yoshinori Kitase & Motomu Toriyama. You can read them both below thanks to goldpanner.

My strongest memory from work on the FF series is something that happened at the first planning meeting I went to for FFVI. “So then, what sort of world are we going with this time?” was the brainstorming theme of the meeting, and one scenario idea that the Producer at the time, Sakaguchi (A/N: Hironobu Sakuguchi), brought to the table himself was a story set in “New York in 1999.” Of course, we were all shocked! As you all know, we used a different idea in the end, but what I learned then was that to be FF is to be something that makes you go, “Huh! So we could do that too!” I want to keep on putting forth FF titles that make all the fans think, “they could do this!”

– Kitase

What I enjoy about working on the FF series is that we can create a an epic, brand new world from scratch for every title. Midgard of FVII, Spira of FFX and Cocoon of FFXIII: the worlds and the look of their towns; the seeds of life we birth from the viewpoints of crystal gods; we sometimes plan like architects, sometimes construct administrative and economic systems like politicians or entrepreneurs; we imagine ourselves as inhabitants of the world, feeling in a real sense what it’d be like for people living their lives there, and build a “Final Fantasy world”. I know fans have their own various places from the FF series that have become memories. That such memories are engraved in people’s hearts just as though they’re memories of a journey experienced in the real world is the highest, happiest blessing for us who work on FF. So that you can continue to experience great journeys, we now set off into the future!

– Toriyama


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