Messages from Kitase & Toriyama for FINAL FANTASY XIII translated

The official Japanese website for FINAL FANTASY XIII includes messages from Yoshinori Kitase, the Producer of FINAL FANTASY XIII and Motomu Toriyama, the Director of FINAL FANTASY XIII. Twitter user bk2128 has kindly translated the best parts. You can read them below.

“If I were asked what did I feel happy from developing a Final Fantasy [game],
it’s being able to play the newest FF the earliest before anybody else in the world.” – Kitase

“[This is] the first Final Fantasy [made as] a game with HD quality.
You will be satisfied with the dramatic story, with super beautiful graphics in a totally different league than before, and attractive characters being fully voiced.” – Kitase


“Welcome to the Future that creates Fantasy!

FINAL FANTASY XIII is a story about a futuristic world which produces a crystal.

Visuals never been experienced by anyone before, and a new battle system with cool battles. Those are the futuristic shapes of RPG.

The door will be open soon.
The dev staffs have been very excited to that time [of the door opening] while doing their best to cram stuffs into FINAL FANTASY XIII.

Everyone please also wait in anticipation for the time when the door of mythology opens.” – Toriyama


“From this day, the world of FINAL FANTASY XIII, is in everybody’s hands.
Together with Lightning & co, you will feel anger and worry against the irrational fate, and sometime you will want to overcome it.
When you’re reaching the ending, I’ll be glad if you’re able to feel and take a huge courage and hope as a souvenir from the trip of battles.” – Toriyama


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