FINAL FANTASY XIII coming to Xbox One in Mainland China via streaming, Simplified Chinese release likely

After this week releasing FINAL FANTASY XIII Chrome Cast Edition, it has been announced that Ubitus will now publish a version of FINAL FANTASY XIII for Xbox One via cloud steaming in Mainland China. This version will most likely be based on the Chrome Cast Edition. This is a brand new service from Ubitus and it is currently in beta testing.

In addition, this will most likely mean FINAL FANTASY XIII will finally be released in Simplified Chinese. FINAL FANTASY XIII was the first FINAL FANTASY game to ever be released in Chinese and Korean, however that was Traditional Chinese. 2014’s Windows PC port features the Korean and Traditional Chinese language translations so hopefully Square Enix will add the Simplified Chinese version as well.

Thanks go to Twitter user @ZhugeEX for the tip.

The Simplified Chinese release will also hopefully lead to a FINAL FANTASY XIII series collection on PlayStation 4. The Chinese government requires all PS4 games to be released in Simplified Chinese and Square Enix has been keen on releasing making an echo-system for the series on PS4.


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