Kitase basically confirms XIII team is making VII REMAKE

Yoshinori Kitase, the Head of Business Division 1 and Producer of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has basically confirmed the FINAL FANTASY XIII team is making FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Kitase was asked by Game Informer what made now the right time for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Kitase was honest and in the process basically confirmed the FINAL FANTASY XIII team is making FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. You can read the full quote below.

The landscape was one thing, but it was more that we’d been working on the XIII series for the last 10 years. My team and I were mainly focused on that project. Final Fantasy VII Remake would be an equivalent – or even greater – project in terms of scale, and so it would have been hard to do both at the same time. After XIII ended, of course XV is currently being developed by [Hajime] Tabata-san’s team, so it presented a time when we can fully place our focus on the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Kitase’s team is of course Business Division 1 and it includes most of the staff who worked on the FINAL FANTASY XIII series including Motomu Toriyama and Yuji Abe. Kitase says they were able to fully place their focus on FFVII REMAKE and that it would likely be a greater project than the XIII series in terms of scale which makes it sound very unlikely another AAA console title is in development.

Toriyama of course said his project would be announced in 2015 and the only project announced by Business Division 1 was FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, something Toriyama has been very vocal about wanting to make in the past. Toriyama of course also worked on the original and discussed remaking it in the past with Kitase and he also directed the infamous 2005 tech demo.

Sadly, this means the dream of FINAL FANTASY X-3 might be gone or at least put on hold but it seems like the project Toriyama referred to was FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE all along.

I have asked Square Enix about Kitase’s comment but they said they cannot comment on it but will try and get more staff details for me the next time there’s FFVII REMAKE news.


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