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Yoshinori Kitase’s special message for FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

To celebrate the Japanese release of FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, Yoshinori Kitase and many other staff who worked on the FINAL FANTASY X series wrote special messages looking back on the series ahead of the HD collection’s release on PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita. Kitase is is of course the Producer of the FINAL FANTASY […]

Farewell to the Outerworld Services

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, the third and final chapter in the FINAL FANTASY XIII series was released on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 in Japan in November 2013 and in North America, Australia & Europe in February 2014. Included in this very unique and amazing game was something called the Outerworld Services. The Outerworld […]

FINAL FANTASY XIII coming to Xbox One in Mainland China via streaming, Simplified Chinese release likely

After this week releasing FINAL FANTASY XIII Chrome Cast Edition, it has been announced that Ubitus will now publish a version of FINAL FANTASY XIII for Xbox One via cloud steaming in Mainland China. This version will most likely be based on the Chrome Cast Edition. This is a brand new service from Ubitus and it is […]

FINAL FANTASY XIII Google Cast Edition now available

Ubitus has today published the Google Cast Edition of FINAL FANTASY XIII on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store in Japan. This version should be based off the iOS & Android versions and includes gamepad and cloud saving support. Unlike the original iOS & Android releases from Broadmedia you appear to pay for […]

Kitase basically confirms XIII team is making VII REMAKE

Yoshinori Kitase, the Head of Business Division 1 and Producer of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has basically confirmed the FINAL FANTASY XIII team is making FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Kitase was asked by Game Informer what made now the right time for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Kitase was honest and in the process basically confirmed […]