Yoshinori Kitase comments on 10th anniversary of DIRGE of CERBERUS

Yoshinori Kitase, the Producer of DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII- and head of Square Enix Business Division 1 has commented on the game via the FINA FANTASY Portal App for today’s 10th anniversary in Japan. You can read his comments below.

Looking back on it now, are there any instances during production that stand out?

Kitase: At the time, the Japanese market wasn’t accustomed to the First Person or Third Person shooter genre. We at SQUARE ENIX knew that this sort of game was exactly the type of challenge we could overcome. Aiming is key in this type of game, so I remember deliberating on making it 60 fps up until the very end. I also worked with the composer Hamauzu, who collaborated with me on a future release, FFXIII.

Do you have a favorite scene or character?

Kitase: My favorite part of the game is the thrill of the FPS/TPS playstyle, like getting a headshot in when using the sniper rifle on far away enemies. My favorite level was where you have to eliminate the hidden snipers in Edge in the rain. The atmosphere for that area was good, too. Also, fans of the original asked why Vincent and Yuffie don’t show up during the ending of FFVII. I was happy that this game could be their answer.


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